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The Brique Renovation

Case Study - The Story of Brique

Brique Bistro
122 N Commerce St., Centreville, Md. 443-262-8070

Brique opened as a high-end restaurant with Napa Wine Country ambiance, complete with exquisite cuisine, an all white interior and excellent service.

After 6 months of the people shying away due to the impression of being too high end, we were approached and asked to re-create an interior that appeared more casual, approachable, friendly and affordable while keeping it's French tone and name.

We accomplished this by creating a Bistro atmosphere. We increased the bar business by removing one small wall that divided the small 4 seat original bar from the dining room and extended the bar into the main dining room increasing the seating capacity from 4 to 22. (see before pix below)

Before Photos

A color palette was developed as well as lighting plans that preserved the original tin ceiling and gave consideration to bar lighting. The lighting plan was created so that the re-design could be achieved in stages as the restaurant prospered. Window treatments, and wall treatments were planned. Artwork was created especially for the space, reflecting the colors of the newly polychromed walls. Working with existing furniture we kept the original chairs and paired them with new custom tabletops in light casual wood.

Special consideration was given to the existing rustic vintage brick wall with archways. A complimentary color was chosen for the wall beyond the brick arches to create a pleasing and relaxing mood as diners looked through.

Two large Palladian mirrors were placed on an interior wall to open the space, reflect movement of the people dining and to reflect the restaurant's namesake brick wall as well as allowing the interior to seem alive and spacious creating the busy bistro atmosphere.

Keller Interiors worked closely with Gray Developers on the interior renovation of Brique.

Gray Developers
106 Banjo Lane
Centerville MD. 21623
(410) 758-4545